April poetry 3 – Control


to take control into my own bare hands,
I scooped a seed out of a sweet lemon,
Fragrant lemon,
Lemon with rind that I thoroughly enjoyed chewing.

I put that seed into a little pot,
And watered it for weeks.

Three anticlimactic weeks passed,
and finally a little plant appeared:
Green, cute, fresh.

I keep watering it.
It keeps growing bigger,
And bigger, and bigger.
It’s all going according to plan.

Take that, life!
Going to make my own damn lemons
(in a few years)
if I manage to overcome my own curiosity
to dig the little buddy out,
risking its short and uneventful life.
Curiosity to know what exactly it looks like beneath the surface.


March poetry 3 – The Smaller The Dog

The Smaller The Dog

Say hello to
Closing your eyes
And pressing them
Against the floor.

Listen with me:
Clack clack clack clack
Of the high heels –
It’s vibrating,
It’s lodged inside
Your inner ear,
Like a pulse of
A small animal.
And you know – the
Smaller the dog,
The faster its
Heartbeat. The harder
It shakes its whole
Body, as if
Overwhelmed by
Being alive.

And you want to
Sleep like that dog
At some master’s
Feet. Any feet
Would do, as long
As there is a
Real guarantee
That you won’t get
Kicked while you are
Dreaming your cute
Doggy dreams.

Clack clack clack clack.

Any feet would
Do just fine, as
Long as there’s a
Real guarantee
That you won’t get
Kicked while you are
Dreaming your cute
Doggy dreams.

Poem – Consider

Consider many, many worlds.
Consider the space that they occupy.
Consider another you asking “why”
With every stone you’ve ever hurled.

Perhaps in another timeline,
Perhaps in one where you had the same choice,
Perhaps there you were… Brave to clear your voice,
And it echoed all through your spine.

Discard the worlds that will collapse.
Discard the useless notches in your chest.
Discard your self that craves your mother’s breast,
And let the water fill the gaps.

Please take what flutters in your spine.
Please take that version and please let it grow.
Please save it from the coldness of the snow.
Then whisper “This version is mine”.

Poem – Badly hidden wildlife

How thin a fabric
Can one get away with
Attempting to hide
Snaky tail and feral eyes?

How thin can the walls be
So that they won’t fail to
Arrest the chaotic
Determined need to feed?

It’s a matter of time.
It’s a matter of pride.
Yet it’s always a crime
When the wildlife won’t hide.

Poem – Atmospheric Anomalies

Photo credit: National Geographic

Photo credit: National Geographic

Darkness spreads during

The wandering storm,

Twisting their face like

A fistful of clay.

What once was their smile

Is no longer warm.

The colour of those

Eyes has turned to gray.

Getting your shirt wet –

Oh well, you’ve been warned.

At least you know that

It’s not just decay.

Unlike with this rain,

You’ve been misinformed –

Their ugly grimace

Still won’t go away.