Movember poetry challenge – Day 28

Privacy Agreement

The walls in my room
Are frosted pink of
Heavily diluted blood.
The chocolate brown
Of my solid wood
(Higher price point) IKEA
Asserts that I’m above
In the food chain.

We never cared for
Decorating, though
There’s this gnawing
Pressure to express yourself,
To prove you are
An artist not a peasant.

I never care, I commit
A faux-pas
Making me
A little too hick,
But unmistakeably,
The very formula
Of the Zeitgeist.

I don’t care about that
Nonsense either.
I do care about what I commit to –
Not touching the walls
In case they have ears.

Do not be alarmed –
I am not paranoid.

I savour the refreshing
Monopoly on my
Demographic data.
I bathe in it. I am
The King of my targeted
Bring me my cape.
Bow down.


September poetry challenge – Day 29

Good habits
The practical meaning of “push” and “pull” when applied to doors is still shrouded in mystery, isn’t it?
Isn’t it easy to keep your feeding area for feeding purposes only?
This puppy will mark a lot of corners as its territory.
Please, not a crazy cat lady; although, why the hell not…
Pi to fifty places.
That pompous steel pinky ring must be one of the very few items that never got lost – well, that’s something.
You never lost yourself to begin with.
How far have you ran?
How tall is your Araucaria heterophylla?
Have those orchids ended up dying after all or did you just throw them out?
O great wizard of hindsight, so which of the points prohibited return?
You still never read in your mother tongue, though you probably should.
Pi to a hundred places.
Paranoid Android.
A poem a day.
An hour of strumming a day.
Floss daily.
Apply sunscreen liberally.
O great wizard of hindsight, is skeletonization still a good approach for isocentre selection in radiosurgery?
So far, the proportion of all assumptions made that have not been proven otherwise is the following:
Pi to a thousand places.

September poetry challenge – Days 15 and 16

Day 15 – A job interview

“Hey let’s play a game!
Let’s play truth or dare!”,
Said the cute creature
After one too many

Well, why the hell not,
Let’s play truth or dare…
People play this game
When they are quite drunk.
Or horny. Or both.

Fair enough, he though.
At least it’s playing,
And not living it.

Day 16 – Necessary clarifications

Tidal waves are controlled
By the pull of the Moon*,

As once was my fear of
My own reflection in
Mirror-like surfaces
When I was a small child.

It used to pull me in,
On schedule, after dark,
Pale and glowing and cold.

Howling at my own face
Like a dead demon-dog,

I was never able
To recognize myself.
A clarification:
I never wanted to

Acknowledge that it was
My own face that scared me
Like a dead demon-dog.

Tides will always be caused
By the pull of the Moon,

And so happens to be
The fear of my own pale,
Listlessly glowing face.
A clarification:

The fear of what controls
The shadows on that thing.

*Tides are the rise and fall of sea levels caused by the combined effects of the gravitational forces exerted by the Moon and the Sun and the rotation of the Earth (Wikipedia)

September poetry challenge – Days 1 and 2

For the month of September, I am going to write and post one poem per day. I am doing this on a dare, because I am a sucker for dares.

Here are the first two poems:

September 1 2014:


Miniscule droplets
Lump together on the edge.
My hand will crush them.

September 2 2014:

Flu season

With a hiss.
Stirring there,
In the tall grass.
It starts…
It must be.
Its little claws
To do what it
Does best.
Away, eh?
For food, though
This season
Is barren.
Harder still.
Would you quit that?
Guess not.
Fun fact:
As a…
Ever seen one
Dainty and
That’s some shit
Just like
That fails
To solve all

I hate
In love.