June Poetry 1 – Tiny Zaps to Your Already Electric Brain

Tiny Zaps to Your Already Electric Brain

I want to have known the term

Before myriads and myriads of
Tiny zaps permeated
Parts of my brain not covered
In Grade 11 Bio
When your beast slowly walked over to me,
All covered in ozone, all
Wolf-dog like, panting after
A recent kill, his first one in years.

I wanted to listen to

The rustling of the dog’s heart through his fur.
I placed my ear right against
His carotid. So much white noise.
We may have been biting on different tongues,
But it wouldn’t have mattered
Anyway – we were going
Well-forgotten motions.

So later you asked me if
I had an electric brain
And a heart apparatus.
So maybe I’m full of shit
But I think I now know the correct terminology:

Loving you is as easy
As pissing on my own two fingers.


May poetry 2 – Archaeology


O Lucille…
Her fossils were never enough to fuel a starship
But they were pretty,
Polished and well-kept,
And almost complete,
Except for the tusks.

It’s been widely theorized –
We believed –
That the tusks had been removed after
Her death as a show of respect,
Perhaps an ancient human ritual
Signifying that
Lucille’s parts would live on as intricate decorations in human houses


Far, far, far away

From her rancid decomposing corpse.

We are dreamers.

March poetry 3 – The Smaller The Dog

The Smaller The Dog

Say hello to
Closing your eyes
And pressing them
Against the floor.

Listen with me:
Clack clack clack clack
Of the high heels –
It’s vibrating,
It’s lodged inside
Your inner ear,
Like a pulse of
A small animal.
And you know – the
Smaller the dog,
The faster its
Heartbeat. The harder
It shakes its whole
Body, as if
Overwhelmed by
Being alive.

And you want to
Sleep like that dog
At some master’s
Feet. Any feet
Would do, as long
As there is a
Real guarantee
That you won’t get
Kicked while you are
Dreaming your cute
Doggy dreams.

Clack clack clack clack.

Any feet would
Do just fine, as
Long as there’s a
Real guarantee
That you won’t get
Kicked while you are
Dreaming your cute
Doggy dreams.

February poetry 2 – What Surprises You

What Surprises You

Many things can be said of elephants.
Memory, tusks, trunk.
Burial rituals, size.

Even if you managed to saw off
Her head, survived your
Attempt to wear it,
Survived the revenge of her family,
Well, maybe then you could realize
That you’ve finally outdone yourself.
You stood out.
Just enough to blend in.

Poem – Badly hidden wildlife

How thin a fabric
Can one get away with
Attempting to hide
Snaky tail and feral eyes?

How thin can the walls be
So that they won’t fail to
Arrest the chaotic
Determined need to feed?

It’s a matter of time.
It’s a matter of pride.
Yet it’s always a crime
When the wildlife won’t hide.