Movember poetry challenge – Days 10 and 11

Day 10 – Graceful

Full-body pat-down
Bags groped
Toothbrushes inspected

And then it’s too cold and too crammed
And you fix your eyes on the flight attendant
who cannot keep a straight face
while gesturing to the emergency exit
You think it would be funny if it didn’t end well
It’s really marvellous
that you can even complain

You look outside now
There is only one quivering light in the middle of black
So much black
Dark black
Yet not the darkest black
It’s interrupted by the pulse of your ancient raptor
Relaxed and mechanical
Perfect machinery

The bird’s inevitably taking you toward more light sources
Toward prettier lights
Toward more graceful machinery
Toward more graceful chunks of stone
that you are trying to resist pre-emptively hating
because everyone else loves them so

It really doesn’t need to be everyone
Just one is enough
Though you don’t want to remember that
One is quite enough.

Day 11 – Saint Francis

You’re hilly and warm
And I am not prepared
But my four-inch heels and I
We make a good team

You’ll see

A baby-pink Cadillac
It looks at me
I look at it
I look away and move on

I try not to seem like a tourist
To draw less attention
In case your streets are unsafe
Some of them are
They have people
I look around and move on
Letting the observation slide

Because my feet are starting to throb
Because the pace is lulling me
Because the bridge is big and its trusses make me smile
And you’re hilly and humid
And I’m not prepared for you
You see


Movember poetry challenge – Day 2


The lights are dim and they flicker
Too rhythmically.
Looking at them with more rigour

Makes it apparent the candles are fake.
Setting the mood for what?
Odd to know that you can’t physically

Put your finger over until it’s too hot
For the face across
From you to stay friendly with the knot

They’ve been building in their throat at all costs.
But alas, your finger
Is quite unlike the myth of Icarus,

And now the listless silence will linger
Unless you drive a nail through that finger.