Movember poetry challenge – Day 15

I wrote an aubade because

I’m not a bird but I rise early,
Though not enough to call it late.
The rustle of my feathers – I contain it,
For otherwise I’ll make you come to life.

When I lean closer with my beak not touching
Your solid surface, I always hold my breath.
I do that so that I can distinguish
Your blinded sleep from my own death.

I’m not a bird but someone told me
That that’s the only way to fly.
I always do while you’re made of marble.
You’re heavy
But you’re how I know the geometry
The contingency
The fabric
Of the sky.


September poetry challenge – Day 19


One cat
And a flask
Containing poison –
When does reality collapse,
And what good is the cat that is both alive and dead?

Classic prisoners

Is free
To betray,
And B is the same,
Pure rationality dictates
The course of actions that the prisoners aren’t taking.
There’s certainly lots to be said about human stupidity.