September poetry challenge – Day 29

Good habits
The practical meaning of “push” and “pull” when applied to doors is still shrouded in mystery, isn’t it?
Isn’t it easy to keep your feeding area for feeding purposes only?
This puppy will mark a lot of corners as its territory.
Please, not a crazy cat lady; although, why the hell not…
Pi to fifty places.
That pompous steel pinky ring must be one of the very few items that never got lost – well, that’s something.
You never lost yourself to begin with.
How far have you ran?
How tall is your Araucaria heterophylla?
Have those orchids ended up dying after all or did you just throw them out?
O great wizard of hindsight, so which of the points prohibited return?
You still never read in your mother tongue, though you probably should.
Pi to a hundred places.
Paranoid Android.
A poem a day.
An hour of strumming a day.
Floss daily.
Apply sunscreen liberally.
O great wizard of hindsight, is skeletonization still a good approach for isocentre selection in radiosurgery?
So far, the proportion of all assumptions made that have not been proven otherwise is the following:
Pi to a thousand places.