September poetry challenge – Days 22 and 23

Day 22 – Team sports

Mine kept me up all night,
Hot and sweaty.

Mine didn’t let me get out
Of bed at all,
All weekend-long.

Mine started like it does:
First in my throat,
Then my sinuses,

But now it’s all the way
Down in my chest,
And it looks like
It’s going to linger
For a while.

Ah, there is nothing quite like
Friendly competition.

Day 23 – Circe’s drunken rant

Odysseus leaving me
Really wasn’t the worst thing.
Odysseus was whiny
And a little bit boring,
And he also made me waste
Some perfectly good potion
That took a whole week to make!

The Sun refusing to shine –
That was really the worst thing.
Wasn’t I his little girl,
Dancing in the meadows and
Making perfumes and bouquets
And elixirs out of weeds
And flowers like he taught me?

The Sun telling me to leave –
After he was the one who
Had me marry an asshole
Who’d always keep calling me
“A dirty hippie who’s worse
In bed than all of her maids”.
Long story short – I killed him.

I killed him. I’m not sorry.
I turned some men into swine
(They were much like my ex-husband)
Here and there – serves them better!
Additionally, pigs are
Graceful and gentle creatures,
So what is the big deal here?