Poem – Silence

The sounds ebbed. And in this wavelessness
You can’t help but question whether the noises
Have ever existed at all.
Have ever existed. At all.

Like saying a word over and over
Until you get to the point when you begin
To wonder whether it is real.
For instance: Crow. Crow. Crow. Crow. Crow.

The sounds ebbed. And you could not recall
Why this frozen crow’s beak was gaping tensely,
Or where this goddamn crow came from.
Where the hell did this crow come from???


One thought on “Poem – Silence

  1. I liked how it sounded as though it was an inner-voiced monologue. Also, it had a rising level of tension, which made it seem highly realistic. All in all, it wasn’t a dried piece of poetry. On the contrary, it was a living piece of art!


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