Poem – Locus

Dive in deeply.

Murky waters

Will conceal your real purpose.

Dive in deeper.

Murky waters

Will reveal your real purpose.           


Breath in slowly.

Murky waters

Fills your lungs with your own slaughter.


And you fear

That I’ll vanish.

Leave you to pick up the rubbish.


And I hear

That you’ll vanish

From my hands, you slimy catfish.


Breath in slowly.

Slimy locus

Fills your head yet you can’t focus.


I can hear.

I am certain.

But I’m scared to drop the curtain.


Friend and team-mate reviews literature for Weird Canada

Friend and team-mate reviews literature for Weird Canada

Alexandra Jaworiwsky is on top of her game. I got to know her when she became the co-mastermind for Weird Stage ( Performance Arts reviews at Weird Canada). Turns out, she also excels at such things as passionate, intelligent, stylish writing. To quote Alex,

A fascist, incompetent leader. His barely-loyal crew. A girl and her gang of do-gooder misfits. A.G. Pasquella’s Newtown is the love child of human history and a fast-paced, late night cartoon sitcom.